Chris D'Urso


Lead Software Engineer and Contributor to Large Scale High Performance Data System - Develop Analytic and Machine Learning Applications 


Summary of Qualifications



Supplemental Instructor, STEM Center

2017 - 2019

Foothill-De Anza Community College

Member of Technical Staff, Bullseye Realtime Personalization Engine

2015 - 2016

eBay, Inc.

eBay Advertising

2012 - 2015

eBay, Inc.

Chief Operations Advisor

2010 – 2015

AppUplink Partnership

Search Back End Engineering

2010 - 2012

eBay, Inc.

Consultant AdCommerce Group

2009 - 2010

eBay, Inc.

Computer Scientist


Searchme, Inc.

C++, XML, Perl in a LAMP environment

Consultant Merchant Risk/Fraud Authentication Group


PayPal (an eBay, Inc. Company)

C++, XML and SQL in an Apache/Linux environment

Sole Proprietor


Consulting and Independent Contracting

Simulation Engineer (Embedded Software Engineer)


Asyst Technologies, Inc.

Senior Software Engineer


Futuristics Labs, Inc./TeraLytics

Sunnyvale, California

Software Engineer


Iris Financial Engineering & Systems, Inc.

San Francisco, California

Software Engineer


Varian Associates, Chromatography Systems Business

Walnut Creek, California

Software Engineer


Scientific Digital Visions, Inc.

San Jose, California

Software Developer



Santa Clara, California


Double Bachelor of Science Degrees in Chemistry and Applied and Computational Mathematics, San Jose State University

Continuing education with regular attendance and presentations in professional groups and meetups. Frequent online and in person course work and independent study


Contextual visual challenge image for user verification, US 20080072293 A1 / WO 2008030363 A2, Granted 14 April 2014 US Patent Number 8,631,467

Systems and processes for functionally interpolated increasing sequence encoding, US 20100125614 A1

Determining Shipping Costs Using a Logistics Table, 2043.B77US1 (Patent Application January 2013)

Surfacing Items That Satisfy Purchasing Constraints, 2043.C49US1 (Patent Application January 2013)

Other Achievements/Activities

Treasurer of the professional Bay Area Mass Spectroscopy discussion group; Founder and President of the San Jose State Mathematics and Computer Science Club; President of Commemorated chapter of the Students Affiliates of the American Chemical Society; Scholarship recipient at Computers, Freedom and Privacy Conference; Staff Member and Poster Presenter at the First Scientific and Engineering Applications on the Macintosh Conference; Poster Presenter at California State University Computational Chemistry Council Conference; Four season youth sports Coach/Manager; Mentor and tutor of STEM; Winner of charity hackathon