Last Updated:  August 23, 2005

Book Lists

I always thought that the internet web pages would be a good place to compile and share good reading, reference material as well as interests.  Unfortunately this well intentioned goal, like so many of its kind, has never seen the light of day.  Until today [I started in January of 2005]!, and what better way to start than with the least serious and least thought through collection as this. 

This last New Year I made a minor resolution to myself to "read just for the fun of it".  I habitually collect and cull through a mental list of subjects, authors and titles that I must eventually learn something about and occasionally search for one of these related texts and read it.  By practice this is typically non-fiction, classic (as in well accepted more often than antique), cannon, technical subject, philosophy or social commentary type texts.   You will find none of these here - most of these books are picked for entirely casual reasons.  I might has just seen one science fiction book left on my public libraries yet to be shelved new releases or, by my then nine year old son saw a book with both bicycling and science fiction for a quarter, what a deal.

My Short Random walk through contemporary and near contemporary (hmm looks suspiciously enough mostly science fiction) literature.

Author:  Mike Sirota
Title:  Bicycling Though Space and Time 
Publication Date:  1991

Author:  Rudy Rucker
Title:  Software
Date:  1982

Author:  Poul Anderson
Title:  The Psycho-Technic League
Date:  1981

Author:  Issac Asimov
Title:  The Caves of Steel
Date:  1953

Author:  Ben Bova
Title:  Powersat
Date:  2005

Author:  Arthur C. Clarke - Stephen Baxter
Title:  Sun Storm  ( A Time Odyssey, Book 2)
Date:  2005

Author:  Geoff Ryman
Title:  Air

Author:  Samuel R. Delany
Title:  bable-17

Author:  Samuel R. Delany
Title:  empire star

Author: Steph Swainston
Title: The Year of our War
Date: 2005

Author: Agusten Burroughs
Title: Running with Scissors
Date: 2002

Author: J.K. Rowling
Title: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Date: 2005

Author: S.C. Sykes
Title: Red Genesis
Date: 1991

Author: Arthur C. Clarke
Title:  The Songs of Distant Earth
Date: 1986

Author: Sean Williams
Title:  The Resurrected Man
Date: 1998