The Cabin in Arnold at Lakemont Pines, California

On the western Slope of the Sierra Mountains, where California highway 4 reaches the snow line and where the pine trees grow nearly 200 feet high, the Busia Tree cabin is a place that many a good weekend was spent by the D'Ursos and their guests. A 6 foot wide colossal tree was named The Busia Tree in honor of Bevely's then recently departed mother Hellen.

While its still a good trip from San Francisco, situated approximately half way between Yellowstone Lake Tahoe Arnold is about the closest Sierra retreat one may make. It offers access to the high country, summer camp style lake activities, hiking and snow sports, nature and the amenities available in the local communities of Arnold, Murphys and Bear Valley. We would love to welcome you as our guests to this year around magical place.

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As far as hiking or back country skiing there are a number of forest roads as close as 5 minutes walk away (or with the occasional heavy snow you could literally put your back country skis on at the cabin). From the highway there are a number of forest roads, rest stops, and camping areas to park the car. During winter, with the purchase of an inexpensive snow pass, there are three maintained lots close to where the highway closes. The following link is what a ridge line cornice at Mount Reba might look like. This trip approximately 2-3 hours with back country skis off the highway.


The weather in the high Sierras may change quickly and be severe. It is advisable to carry water, food, extra clothing and fuel and keep up with the weather conditions. Arnold is less extreme. In all these years we have yet to be completely snowed in ... but it has been close. The upper end of town or in Dorrington and Camp Connel is about 1000 feet higher and it gets much more snow.

Local Wineries

In just the last twenty years the wineries around Mupheys have proliferated greatly, tourism in Murphys has gone up greatly as so have the crowds during special wine tasting events. The Ironstone Winery is still an anchor being much more than a winery with its museum, outdoor gardens, a deli, and banquet halls which are often used for art shows

Spelunking (cave exploration)

There are a number of limestone deposits near and below the gold belt As this stone easily dissolves it can leave large caverns and and even underground rivers. These sites are accessible examples within 1 hour drive of Arnold


Things to think of or starting off points ...